Posted Date:5.7.2021

Delhi runs out of Covishield vaccine stock, govt centres may remain closed today
Delhi is once again running out of its vaccine stock. On Monday, the Delhi region exhausted its Covishield stocks and some vaccination centres are likely to remain closed on Tuesday. On Monday, Delhi had only 19,000 doses of the Covishield vaccine and 2,39,000 doses of Covaxin. On Saturday, Delhi managed to administer less than 80,000 Covid vaccine doses as the vaccine stock depleted further. Government vaccination centres in Delhi were shut on Sunday. A total of 36,238 vaccine doses were administered on Monday, taking the total number of jabs given so far in Delhi to 89,37,904. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said, "Vaccines have run out in Delhi again. The central government gives vaccines for a day or two, then we have to keep the vaccine centres closed for several days." "Why is our country's vaccine programme faltering even after so many days?" Sisodia added. Last Friday, Delhi managed to administer more than 1.6 lakh Covid vaccine doses. The vaccination programme is running at 1,374 centres with a capacity of administering 2,26,552 vaccine doses daily. vaccine stocks running out in Punjab The Punjab government, too, has been complaining about vaccine stocks running out in the state. On Friday, CM Capt Amarinder Singh’s office tweeted, “With the state running out of Covishield & left with only one day’s stock of Covaxin, CM @Capt_Amarinder Singh again stressed the need for increase in vaccine supplies from Centre.” During a Covid review meet, the Punjab chief minister directed officials to continue pursuing aggressively with the Centre enhancing the state's quota of vaccines. Pointing out that Punjab has already vaccinated nearly 83 lakh eligible people (approximately 27% of population) -- 70 lakh first doses, 13 lakh second -- the Chief Minister said the stock was being utilised in the state without any wastage.

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