Jobs for Doctor all over india

Job Title Location Salary Qualification Job Detail
Radiology-Hospital Tirupur 150000 per month M.D or DNB Detail
General-medicine-Hospital Tirupur 150000 per month M.D or DNB Detail
job-for-all-department-medical-college Perambalur 90k per month Senior/Assistant professor Detail
radiologist-jobs-mayiladuthurai mayiladuthurai 5 lakhs per month M.D or DNB Detail
radiologist-jobs-Erode Erode 3 lakhs per month M.D or DNB Detail
radiologist-jobs-perambalur perambalur 2.5 per month M.D or DNB Detail
radiologist-jobs-chennai chennai 2L per month M.D or DNB Detail
Jobs-For-Gynecologists Nagercoil ,TN 1.5 L per Month MS.OG Detail
Jobs-For-Surgical-Gastro Nagercoil,TN 2L Mch-Surgical Gastro Detail
Jobs-For-Hematologist Salem,TN 2L to 2.5 L DM Detail
Jobs-For-DM-Cardiologist Nellore,AP 3 L Per Month DM-Cardiologist Detail
Jobs-For-General-Surgeon-college Pondichery 1L Per Month MS-Assistant professor Detail
Jobs-For-General-Surgeon-medical-college Pondichery 90K Per Month MS-Senior Resident Detail
Jobs-For-Paediatrics-In-Med-college Pondichery 90 K Per Month MD-Senior Resident Detail
Jobs-For-Anesthetist Trichy 1L Per Month MD/DNB Detail
Jobs-For-MS-Orthopedic Trichy 1L to 1.2L MS.Ortho Detail
Jobs-For-Dermatologist Salem, TN 1.3 L M.D Detail
Jobs-General-Surgeon Tiruppur,TN 2L Per Month MS Detail
Jobs-Surgical-Gastroenterology Madurai, TN 4 to 5L Per Month Mch - Gastro Detail
General-Surgeon-Jobs-Professor Nellore ,AP 2L to 2.4L MS.General Surgeon Detail
General-Surgeon-Jobs Nellore , AP 1.6L to 1.8 L MS-Associate-professor Detail
Gynecologist-Job-In-Andrapradesh Nellore ,AP 1.5L MS-Associate -Prof Detail
Gynecologist-Jobs-In-AndraPradesh Nellore,AP 1L MS-Assist-Prof Detail
General-Surgeon-Jobs-In-A-P Nellore,AP 1.6L MS-Associate Professor Detail
jobs-for-sonologist chennai 1.5 per month sonologist- Detail
jobs-for-radiologist-bangalore bangalore 1.5L to 4 per month M.D or DNB Detail
Medical-Radio-Diagnosis-india Mumbai,Andhra Pradesh 2.0 L to 3 L ( Negotiable ) MD-DNB or DMRD Detail
Medical-Radio-Diagnosis-jobs Orrisa,Lucknow,Madhya-Pradesh 2.0 L to 3 L ( Negotiable ) MD-DNB or DMRD Detail
Plastic-Surgeon-Gujarat Gujarat 1.5L-1.8L per month MD- Detail
Jobs-for-Radiologist Chennai,Bangalore,Hyd 1.6 to 2.0 per month M.D or DNB Detail
General-medicine Surendranagar, Gujarat 1.5 L to 2L per month MD Detail
Gynecologist-jobs-in-Gujarat Surendranagar, Gujarat 1.3 L to 1.8 per month MD Detail