Jobs for Doctor all over india

Job Title Location Salary Experience Qualification Job Detail
radiologist chennai 2L per month 1-7 years M.D or DNB Detail
Plastic-Surgeon Gujarat 1.5L-1.8L per month 0-1 years MD- Detail
Radiologist india 1.6 to 2.0 per month 0-6 years M.D or DNB Detail
General-medicine Gujarat 1.5 L to 2L per month 0-3 years MD Detail
Gynecologist Gujarat 1.3 L to 1.8 per month 0-3 years MD Detail
RMO-doctor west bengal 1L to 1.1 Lakhs 2-5 years MBBBS Detail
Ophthalmologist Uttar Pradesh 2.5 L to 3 L 8-10 years MS-Phaco surgeries Detail
Sonologist chennai 1.8L per month 0-2 years M.D Detail
Gynecologist chennai 1.2L to 1.4L per month 0-3 years M.D Detail
Gynecologist Dehradun Industry standards more than 4 years MS/DGO/DNB Detail
Radiologist karnataka 2-4 lakhs 2-4 years M.D or DNB Detail
Gynecologists karanataka 1.5 to 2 lakhs 4 years MBBS,DGO Detail
Emergency-Medicine kerala industrial standards 0-6 years MD or DNB Detail
Dermatologist chennai 80-1L per month 1 years M.D or DNB Detail
Radiographers india industrical standards 0 to 5 years CT / MRI Technicians Detail